Happy New Year!


Well this is it! The last day of 2013. This year has gone by in a flash. It’s crazy how fast time is going, I guess that’s what happens when you’re busy!

I hope 2014 is a happy and prosperous year for all. Wishing you all much success and good health and many happy moments with loved ones. Let’s make 2014 the sweetest year yet!

Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo


This totally describes me…..and I am totally ok with that!

I came across this image on a cake decorator’s Facebook page and immediately had to share it. This definitely describes me and it made me laugh, especially the looking like the house was robbed part, ’cause when I’m making something I leave my stuff everywhere! Do you know (and love) someone who fits this description??


Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo

Handprint Ornaments

I saw this idea on Pinterest, and immediately knew we had to make it. As any parent of a small child knows, they grow WAY too fast, and I thought that this was a great way to spend some quality creative time with my little one, while making a keepsake for us to look back on through the years. She loves crafts just like I do, so she was all for it!


– a plain, plastic ornament (it can be matte or shiny, just make sure there is NO design or glitter on it. The plainer the better, ’cause you will dress it up!)

-fabric ribbon in a coordinating colour (to hang your ornament)

-white and orange acrylic paint 

-a foam brush

-an egg carton to use for drying the ornaments

-a black permanent marker

-a small brush or cotton swab

Make It:

-make sure that the ornament tops are secure and tie ribbon on for hanging.

-this step is probably the most fun and resulted in lots of giggles! Paint the palm of your child’s hand with the white paint using the foam brush. Make sure all of the hand is covered, including the tips of the fingers

-have them hold their hand out, fingers apart. Hold the ornament right side up by holding onto the ribbon at the top, and place the ornament in their palm. Have them cup their hand around the ornament, being careful not to move the ornament around so that the paint doesn’t smudge. 

-you should have a tiny handprint on the bottom of the ornament, with the thumb and fingers wrapping around and up the sides which will look like snowmen

-place the ornament handprint-side up into the egg carton to dry

-once dry, paint on carrot noses and add faces, arms, and buttons with the black marker

-on the opposite side (where there are no snowmen) paint on the year, your child’s name, or a holiday greeting. I chose to add the year so that we would know how old she was when we made these.

-add some “snowflakes” by dipping the cotton swab into the white paint and then adding some dots around the snowmen.

You can also add trees, glitter, or other embellishments, but we decided to keep ours simple. We actually ended up making a few of these to give out as gifts to family, and we kept one too of course. This was a fun and easy craft, and something that can be done every year and held onto forever!


Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo

Top 10 Gifts for the Cake-Obsessed (guaranteed re-gift proof!)

Baking and cake decorating definitely requires having a lot of supplies. Like, a lot. Some of them are just plain necessary and some just make life so much easier. Since many people will be receiving and giving gifts in the next few days, I though I would compile a list of my top 10 favourite supplies to help out those looking for gift ideas or stocking stuffers for the cake decorator or baker  in their lives. This is by no means an all-inclusive list, but these items are my favourites that are guaranteed to be useful and will most definitely not be re-gifted!

1. A Stand Mixer

Don’t worry boys, this is one “appliance” she won’t mind getting. I got my Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas two years ago and it was the best gift ever. I use it constantly and it is much better than the old hand mixer I was using. It is also pink, which happens to be one of my favourite colours so I also love to display it. If you’re looking for one gift for the cake decorator or baker in your life, this one is it.

2. A Marble Rolling Pin

Like I said in a previous post, I love my marble rolling pin. It rolls dough and fondant effortlessly and it stand up to a LOT of use. Awesome.

3. Wilton Roll & Cut Mat

This is a necessity. You can roll out fondant and dough on it, and it has a handy grid for measuring. It is easy to clean and store and also very useful for working on fondant and gum paste accents as it contains the mess to the mat.

4. Food Colour Markers

These are like markers you draw with, but filled with food colour so they can be used on edible mediums. They are very handy for embellishing cookies and fondant and gumpaste figures or accents. Definitely worth having.

5. Fondant/Gumpaste/Cookie cutters, X-Acto Knife

These are definitely a must-have. There are different kits out there that include everything from flower cutters to alphabet and numbers as well as ones for different seasons and occasions and they make life so much easier than hand-forming of hand cutting everything. They can all be used for both fondant and gumpaste as well as cookie dough, so they are a real investment and you definitely get your money’s worth. Plus you get some fabulous and professional looking results. An X-Acto Knife used only for edible items is also extremely useful. It cuts fondant cleanly and easily and provides a clean edge you can’t get with a regular old knife. This is great for both covering cakes with fondant as well as for making embellishments.

6. Cake Pans

These are kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t have proper cake pans. You don’t need to buy out the kitchen section at WalMart, but a few good quality pans in different shapes and sizes are definitely necessary. They also come in sets (for tiered cakes) and they are very sturdy and stand up to a lot of use and washing. Another very useful investment.

7. Piping Bags & Tips, Plastic Decorating Bottles

Again, kind of obvious but super useful, not just for decorating cakes and cupcakes but cookies too. It is also a good idea to have several of the most common tips (like the #2 and #3) so that you can use multiple colours of icing without having to empty and re-fill your piping bags. Wilton makes a few very handy sets that come with the most common tips which is a great place to start. The plastic bottles for candy-making are a life-saver for cookie icing. You can use them to decorate cookies and then store the icing in them after. They are reasonably priced, easy to find, and very durable.

8. A Cake Turn Table and Offset Spatulas

This handy little gadget allow you to turn your cake while frosting it so that you get perfectly even sides and tops. Much better then walking around the table in different directions to even out every spot on your cake. Offset spatulas in different sizes are very useful for both smoothing out both the filling and frosting on your cakes, ensuring a perfectly smooth and even finish every time. Way better than spreading frosting with a knife!

9. Icing Colours

Since nobody wants all-white cakes all the time, these are another must-have. There are a plethora of colours and types out there, but they all add some vibrant colour to your edible creations. Use them for colouring dough, fondant, gumpaste, frosting, waffle or pancake batter, etc. They are reasonably priced and can be purchased in sets or individually. A little also goes a long way so they also tend to last for quite a while.

10. Somewhere to Store Everything!

All supplies need a home! Plastic containers with lids are probably the best bet, since they are washable, stackable and sturdy. They keep everything organized and where you need it. Wilton makes some specifically for cake supplies, but really, any kind of sturdy container would do. Different sizes also help to keep those tiny items in place!

There you go, now start (or finish!) shopping! Your favourite baker might just thank you by making you something awesome with all their new supplies!

Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo

Christmas Cookies!

We all know kids love cookies! So when I was asked to send in a treat for my daughters class party at school, I knew exactly what to make. She requested Christmas shapes of course, as well as Olaf the Snowman from the Disney movie Frozen. I made these and sent them off to school, and was later greeted by a very happy teacher and an empty tray. What a  great way to start off their winter holiday-with bellies full of festive cookies!

A selection of the different shapes:



These two were my favourites!



The tray that went to school:



Hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas baking 🙂

Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo

Another wreath!

Since I made wreaths for Halloween/Fall, you know I had to make them for Christmas too. Also because I was tired of the one I had and needed something new. And my neighbour stole my decorating idea, but that’s a story for another day.

I saw ornament wreaths all over Pinterest and in the stores, and decided I wanted to make my own. I wanted lots of colour to match my multicoloured lights, so I went in search of ornaments. I think I ended up purchasing about 80 of them, maybe more. I have to admit that after being mesmerized by so many different colours and textures, I may have gone a little overboard. I got most of them at the Dollar Store, so it wasn’t too expensive, plus you can never have too many ornaments, right?!

Christmas Ornament Wreath


-wreath form (I got mine at Michael’s again, it was some straw-type thing, but I knew I needed a solid surface for the ornaments to stick to so it worked out well)

-plastic ornaments in large, medium, and small sizes (lots of them!)

-hot glue gun and glue sticks

-ribbon in coordinating colours

Make It:

-this went much like the Halloween wreath. First, cover all work surfaces with newspaper to avoid a hot glue and glitter mess. You can also spice things up by using a current Shoppers Drug Mart flyer and then watching a family member look all over for it. Ooops. It was quite amusing 🙂

-I made the bow first again, and attached it to the wreath form with some hot glue. This way, I knew where to place the ornaments around the bow. Also make sure to attach some ribbon for hanging. You can also add a small ornament or other accent to the bow, like I did with the snowflake.

-I then started to attach the ornaments in a kind of zig-zag pattern around the wreath form, alternating large and medium ornaments. I left the small ones to use as space fillers at the end. You’ll want to watch your placement so that the wreath still looks like a wreath, and since the ornaments are difficult to manipulate once they’re glued on. Then just keep adding ornaments until the wreath is full. I also used bits of a garland in between the ornaments to fill in spaces and add some sparkle.

I’m not gonna lie, this took forever. Like 4 hours.  I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I couldn’t rest until the wreath was as close to perfect as possible. For my first ornament wreath, I think it turned out well. I’ll be sure to wrap it very well at the end of the season, since I’m not sure I want to do this again next year!

Here it is! So sparkly and irresistible, just the way I like it 🙂


Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo