Oh no! Frosty’s melting!

We had some hideous snowy weather in the last few days, so I couldn’t resist making some snow-themed cookies. Plus, it gave me an excuse to hide in the house away from all the yucky snow.

I made these using my sugar cookie recipe, and cut them out with a large round scalloped cutter. To decorate them, I used white, blue, red, orange, and black 25 second icing. For the heads, I used large marshmallows, and drew eyes, a carrot nose, and mouth on with icing. I wanted to give them a cute “surprised” look. I also added some rosy cheeks with pink luster dust. Then I let them dry for  a few hours.


I then outlined the cookies with kind of a squiggle, to represent the melted bottom half of the snowman, and then filled them in all in one step.

IMG_00000542 IMG_00000543

As soon as the outline was filled in, I attached the snowman’s head so that it could stick to the wet icing. I did them one at a time to make sure the marshmallow stuck well. Then, once the base icing had dried for about 20 minutes, I added a scarf to my snowman.


Once that had dried a bit too, I went back with black icing and added stick arms and buttons. 


I made different versions of the snowman, some were girls and some were boys. The girls had a bow on their heads and a scarf, and the boys had either a scarf or earmuffs in different colours. I also made some snowflake and swirly cookies which I think complemented the snowmen nicely.


They were easy to make and turned out great! They would be delicious with some yummy hot chocolate.  Now if we could just get the real snow to melt….

Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo