Tips-y Tuesday Tip #2

Hope your Tuesday has been awesome so far! Mine was, and very productive too which is always good.

Today’s tip is something I’ve mentioned before; and honestly can’t stress it enough. Re-purpose your cake/cookie/baking supplies! I always get people asking me how I got my cake or cookies to be such-and-such a shape, and really it is no big secret if you learn how to “build” things in edible forms. Cookie cutters can be used for many different shapes, so really there’s no need to buy out the cookie cutter section at Michaels, although I’m sure they’d love it if you did. Cakes can also be made round or square and then stacked/cut/carved into infinite shapes with a little imagination. And the best part? No two will be alike πŸ™‚

So use your imagination to find new uses for supplies you already have. Your wallet, and your other half (who is being pushed out of the house by a never-ending pile of baking supplies) will thank you!!

Until next Tuesday…

M xoxo


2 thoughts on “Tips-y Tuesday Tip #2

  1. Just followed you as I’m new to blogging. I’m trying to find fellow decorators and liked the look and feel of your blog! Look forward to reading more

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