Happy Valentine’s Day

Hope your Valentine’s Day is filled with love, just like these Scaredy Squirrel cookies 🙂



Sweet Valentine’s Cookies

Who loves Valentine’s Day?! …… Hello? Anyone home??

Ok, so there are not that many people out there who love Valentine’s Day. As kids it was exciting to get little cards and candy from friends at school, but as adults, we know it’s just another day for the stores to make money. Sure, there can be a romantic side to it, but that has been overshadowed by the commercialism. Pretty much like every other holiday. Sigh…

Anywhoo, personally I don’t care too much for Valentine’s Day, aside from the chocolate.  I have to pretend to get a little excited for the benefit of my little one, but really I think we should love each other all the time not just one day out of the year. Of course though, since we make cookies for every other holiday, it is necessary to have Valentine’s Day cookies too. Any excuse to cover things in pink icing is a good excuse in my books 🙂

I decided to go with the usual shapes that my little one would recognize, like hearts and lips. I also wanted to add some writing to the cookies, to help her with spelling and letters. I got an adorable set of square scalloped cutters in different sizes and thought the largest one would be perfect for little “cards” and “envelopes”.


I used my chocolate sugar cookie recipe, because we love chocolate. Here are the lovely cut-outs below, ready to be baked!


For the decorating, I used 25-second royal icing, so that I could outline and flood all in one step. I personally like how the cookies turn out and it is easier to use the bottles for both instead of using piping bags as well. The colours used were red, light pink, white, and bright blue. I wanted to add another pop of colour to all the reds and pinks that you usually see for Valentine’s Day, and the blue seemed to do the trick.

The lips and hearts were simple to outline and flood, but I wanted to show you a little trick for the scalloped squares. Instead of outlining each little scallop, I put a dot of icing on each one, and then connected them with a line of icing. Kind of like connect-the-dots for cookies 🙂 Much easier and less messy this way.

IMG_00000606 IMG_00000608

Once the outlines were done,  I just filled in the middle, which would be the “paper” the message would be written on. I let that dry for about an hour, and then used the blue icing to write on the messages and add details to the envelopes. I kept the messages simple so that the little squirt could read them, and I think they turned out sweet.


Once the hearts and lips were outlined and filled, I added some heart sprinkles to the lips and some details to the hearts. No stencils or anything, I just wanted to keep these simple and fun.


And here they are, all together and looking fabulous!


What a great way to celebrate love; with yummy cookies!

Have a sugarrific day!

M xoxo