Tips-y Tuesday Tip #5

Hello everyone! Sorry for missing last week, things have gotten a wee bit busy around here! No fear though, I am back with an awesome tip to help your oven sparkle 🙂

We all know about self-cleaning ovens and the icky oven cleaners one can buy at just about any store. But….have you ever thought about what’s in those oven cleaners? There’s a reason the bottle says to use in a well-ventilated area and to wear gloves while using it. Friends, the stuff is TOXIC. And not just while you clean, think about the residue it leaves in your oven, those yucky chemicals are attaching themselves to the food you cook! Ewww! Personally, I can’t stand the smell of those cleaners, they literally make me choke. 

Anyway, my oven needed cleaning so I set out to find a simpler and less toxic way. And guess what? Two simple household ingredients, BAKING SODA and VINEGAR did the job! No yucky smell or chemicals to worry about either! Interested?? See the steps below:

-remove oven racks and set aside

-fill a spray bottle with white vinegar

-spray the inside of oven and the oven door with vinegar, then generously sprinkle baking soda on top

-leave to sit for a few hours, I left it overnight. It can be left as long as you like, since there are no offensive odours!

-when you’re ready to clean the oven, spray more vinegar on top of the baking soda until it is nice and wet. This part is really satisfying actually, since you can see the baking soda bubbling when it comes into contact with the vinegar. You can see it working! Show your kids, it’s a cleaning lesson and a science experiment in one 🙂

-now simply wipe out the vinegar and baking soda with a sponge. The stuff you wipe up will be yucky looking, but it’s worth it. You don’t even need to wear gloves! My oven needed minimal scrubbing, since most of the gunk wiped right off. 

-as for the oven racks, I soaked them for a bit in hot water and added some vinegar and baking soda to the water. After about an hour, they wiped clean very easily.

So, there you have it. No need to dread the oven cleaning, or invest in a HAZMAT suit just to keep your oven shiny. This is simple, easy, and best of all, non-toxic!

Until next Tuesday…

M xoxo




Tips-y Tuesday Tip #3

Hello my fine followers! It is Tuesday once again, and that means it is time for another handy tip!

Baby wipes: Not just for babies anymore!

It’s true. If you ask me how to clean anything, I will probably tell you to use a baby wipe. I discovered these glorious little wipes when I had a baby (duh) and 5 years later, I am still using them. We used to buy the fancy Pampers or Huggies brand, but since my baby isn’t a baby anymore, I switched to the Parent’s Choice Walmart brand. They work just as well and are more affordable, which means I am okay with using them around the house. And no harsh chemicals either 🙂

Here are a few ways I use baby wipes in my home: (I’m sure there are many more uses, too!)

-to get rid of pen marks on clothing or furniture

-clean salt/dirt/dust from suede boots

-to wipe the cat’s paws when she gets into a mess

-erase marks on walls

-get rid of food colouring and ink on hands

-as a laundry pre-treatment: rub on stain as soon as it happens, then wash. Good as new!

-a quick swipe is all it takes to keep my purses looking brand new

-sticky car seat? baby wipe to the rescue!

-a quick way to clean up toys and stuffed animals

All hail the mighty baby wipe! 

Until next Tuesday…

M xoxo